Gini and Optimal Income Taxation by Rank

My last project with Alain Trannoy (EHESS, CNRS & AMSE) has just been released as a CESifo Working Paper. Click here to download it! We solve the non-linear income tax program for a rank-dependent social welfare function à la Yaari, expressing the trade-off between size and inequality using the Gini or related families of positional […]

Public and Political Economics Days @ENSLyon

At GATE – ENS de Lyon, we organize a new workshop series for front-line research in public and political economy. Explore PPD@ENSLyon‘s website ! Two editions have already taken place, focusing on Taxation and Inequality on the one hand, and on the Political Economy of Migration on the other hand. The third edition of PPD@ENSLyon […]


The French National Research Agency selected the MIDDLECLASS project I coordinate for a 48-month grant. The team of economits @GATE – ENS DE LYON will collaborate with #Aix Marseille School of Economics and #CREST-Ecole Polytechnique. Looking forward to keeping you posted on our progress and findings!

Income Shifting as Income Creation?

My joint paper with H. Selin (IFAU) has just been accepted for publication in the Journal of Public Economics. It addresses income shifting – one of the key questions when thinking about the design of a tax system as a whole. We study a simple economy, involving a benevolent policy-maker and a population of agents […]

Is high-skilled migration harmful to tax systems’ progressivity?

Decreased transportation costs have led to the transmission of ideas and values across national borders that has helped reduce the barriers to international labor mobility. In this context, high-skilled individuals are more likely to vote with their feet in response to high income taxes. It is thus important to examine the magnitude of tax-driven migration […]

Taxing and Redistributing Locally in a Globalized World @Jéco 2016

“Comment taxer et dépenser localement au XXIème siècle ?” In this lecture, I explain the challenges faced by current policies and introduce the tools and key mechanisms citizens and governments should keep in mind when thinking about income and wealth redistribution through taxation at the local level. Click here for the video.