My main research interests are in public finance, with a special focus on redistributive policies, accounting for tax-driven mobility.

Selected Publications

“Marginal Deadweight Loss when the Income Tax is Nonlinear” (with S. Blomquist), Journal of Econometrics, forthcoming.

“Tax me if you can! Optimal income tax between competing governments” (with E. Lehmann and A. Trannoy), Quarterly Journal of Economics, 129(4): 1995-2030.

“Shall we keep highly skilled at home? The optimal income tax perspective” (with A. Trannoy), Social Choice and Welfare, 39(4): 751-782.

“Optimal nonlinear income tax and nonlinear pricing: optimality conditions and comparative static properties”, Social Choice and Welfare, 35(20): 199-220.

“Optimal income tax under the threat if migration by top-income earners” (with A. Trannoy), Journal of Public Economics, 94(1-2): 163-173.

“When Kolm Meets Mirrlees: ELIE” (avec A. Trannoy), in Social Ethics et Normative Economics, edité par M. Fleurbaey, M. Salle et J. Weymark, Springer Verlag, 207-231.

“An Exploration in Incentive-Compatible ELIE Transfers” (with A. Trannoy), in Macrojustice: A pluridisciplinary evaluation of Kolm’s theory, edited by C. Gamel and M. Lubrano, Springer Verlag, 207-231.